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My blog has moved to All further updates will be published only on the new address. Also don’t forget to edit the address in your rss-reader.


mein Blog zieht um

Ich bin gerade dabei meinen Blog umzuziehen. Ab demnächst wird mein Blog unter der Adresse erreichbar sein. Momentan bin ich noch beim konfigurieren und einstellen des neuen Blogs. Falls euch etwas auffällt was unter der neuen Adresse noch nicht funktioniert, bin ich für Kommentare dankbar!

Photos: Aquarium Berlin

Last week I went to the Aquarium in Berlin, what is fact a part of the Zoo Berlin they got a great collection of any kind of animals. In fact there are so presented in a way that makes it quite easy to take some nice shots. I only got a bit time as I also hat to work, but If you have some time and want to take some shots of far away animals the Aquarium might be worth a visit.

I did not edit any of this photos, I just uploaded the jpg’s as I got them out of my camera.













Pinholephotos in Bolivia and Peru

I just processed an old film I used last year in a self-made pinhole-camera. All photos are taken in Bolivia or Peru. As I have to scan and edit the negatives by my self I will take some time till I post them here. For now just a single photo I have taken back around Cusco in Peru:

Cusco ruins through a pinhole

Christian Morgenstern: Der Werwolf

Ein Werwolf eines Nachts entwich
von Weib und Kind und sich begab
an eines Dorfschullehrers Grab
und bat ihn: “Bitte, beuge mich!”

Der Dorfschulmeister stieg hinauf
auf seines Blechschilds Messingknauf
und sprach zum Wolf, der seine Pfoten
geduldig kreuzte vor dem Toten:

“Der Werwolf” – sprach der gute Mann,

“des Weswolfs, Genitiv sodann,
dem Wemwolf, Dativ, wie man’s nennt,
den Wenwolf, – damit hat’s ein End’.”

Dem Werwolf schmeichelten die Fälle,
er rollte seine Augenbälle.

“Indessen”, bat er, “füge doch
zur Einzahl auch die Mehrzahl noch!”

Der Dorfschulmeister aber mußte
gestehn, daß er von ihr nichts wußte.
Zwar Wölfe gäb’s in großer Schar,

doch “Wer” gäb’s nur im Singular.

Der Wolf erhob sich tränenblind –
er hatte ja doch Weib und Kind!!
Doch da er kein Gelehrter eben,
so schied er dankend und ergeben.



Das Gedicht steht unter der: Creative Commons „Namensnennung, nicht kommerziell, Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen“, und kann hier neben vielen weiteren Gedichten von Morgenstern gefunden werden:


Advertisement in my blog :-(

When I showed a friend my blog on his computer I noted an advertisement banner. I’m quite unhappy about this, but unfortunately I can’t remove this with just one single click. As a lazy person I’m using the software WordPress for blogging in my case free hosted on the domain these free version of also needs to refinanced, and this happens by  advertising. I already was thinking to host my blog on my own server (costly), but till now I haven’t done this step, and will wait for this even longer, as I have different priorities right now.  Right now you just could install an adblock extension for your browser to enjoy my blog as it has been meant to be.

All this reminds me that I should once blog about adfree and privacy saving extensions for different browsers.

Africa for Norway – Do you also have a spare radiator?

A friend showed me a great site that I cant keep for my self. – – I think we all know about the poor kids in Norway that suffer from coldness and darkness. Now the great charity from Africa has founded a champaign to help this poor freezing and incapable kids over there and collects some radiators.

“Collecting radiators –

Shipping them over there –

Spread some warmth –

Spread some smiles –

Say yes to Radi-Aid.”

(quote by “”)

time has past

Time has past without any sing on this blog. If I would say I didn’t had any time, it would be a falsehood, but fact is that I had some busy days.

I came back to Berlin, willing to found a so-called WG (German phrase for flat-share) and found out how difficult it became to find a affordable flat in Berlin. The former existing of cheap living space has become rare in Berlin. In few quarters the rent had doubled in the last 3 to 4 years.  Finally after months spend on “applying” for flats I managed to find flat and some really nice mate to share this flat. Yea!

Right now we are still setting up this flat, but the most dirty parts like rebuilding a wall are done.

Simultaneously I started my new job in a orphanage with pubescent boys in a shift. Quite a tough job to do here.

All this together brought me some interesting times. Now  I can’t say the next times are gone be more relaxed, but I hope that I might get the discipline to write a bit more frequently.  There are still hundreds of great pictures that wait for me to become well ordered, post-processed and published here.

so far


I’m back!

I’m back to good old germany. I brought a big amount of photos home from what you going to see a small collection here on the blog. But first I need to sift trough to this big amount of photos and convert them in to .jpg. Unfortunately on many of my photos you can see some sensor durst. It’s a lot of work to touch up all this photos, so it may take some time till you may see some results.

Dunes close to the salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Back after one week of trekking to Choquequirau and machu pichu. It was one of the biggest trekks I’ve ever done. Unfortunately I slept one night on the screen of my mobile and it didn’t like it and just got gave up.. Now I don’t know how to convert my RAW pics to .Jpg… No more pics here at the Blog for the next time…